Queen MapantsulaDehlia

Queen Mapantsula Dehlia (Sweetness )

Born: 13 March 2015
Lilac Tortoise Shell

As her house name suggests she is a real sweetie, very playful and at times a little clumsy. Adorable and laps up all the attention she can get. A real socialite with our other cats. She has a beautiful lilac coat with copper eyes, tortie markings on her face and tail.

Queen MapantsulaDehlia

Queen Ch Mapantsula SPOT (Sussie )

Born: 22 December 2013
Brown Tortoise Shell

She was a wonderful gift to our cattery and such joy, keeping our other cats on their toes with fun and games. She is at times little skittish but will seek our attention on her terms. She has done well at Shows and became a Champion in 2014. Her first litter was born in May 2015, she had 4 Beautiful little kitties. She has a wonderful soft coat with tortie markings all over her body.

Queen MapantsulaDehlia

Male Neuter Sp Ch Mapantsula BEBE (Felix )

Born: 13 December 2013
Solid Blue

A real showmaster who has achieved well at shows. He is a Double Supreme Premier And Came 6th at The Cape Top Cat Show 2015. he has a wonderful blue silky coat with lovely round copper eyes. Very affectionate loving male cat, he also enjoys the company of our other cats and is always first when it comes to feeding times


Male Neuter Ch Mapantsula COCO ( Spice )

Born: 13 Dec 2013
A big boy with a big heart. So gentle and caring. Loves being in the garden and chasing birds. Loves attention and being cuddled. Has a lovely rich chocolate coat with beautiful copper eyes and big paws.


Innoculations/ Vaccinations

Please remember to arrange with your veterinarian the yearly vaccination in the month of August.


Please remember to deworm regularly as you don’t want any unwanted parasites to inhibit your cat’s growth or development or to compromise your cats health.


We highly recommend that you have your cat sterilised. Please speak to your veterinarian in this regard and arrange to have this done as matter of priority. To avoid your male from spraying and wandering off in search of a mating partner. To avoid your female from wandering off in search of a mating partner and having any unwanted litters as well as compromising the Burmese breed. Please arrange the sterilisation of your cat/s in order to avoid any heartache!


Speak to your veterinarian about the best possible preventative flea programme. The sooner you get into the routine of flea prevention the better.

Please clean the litter trays as regularly as possible as well as wash their feeding bowls to avoid any unwanted diseases. Provide sufficient clean water daily. We also recommend you get a L-Lysine called Felisine from your veterinarian for your cat/s which you can give your cat/s and is easy to medicate. Clean your cat/s eyes and ears regularly to ensure your cats remains healthy and looking beautiful. Use cotton-wool slightly dampened with a saline solution. If you notice an eye infection, get a prescription for Octin eye drops and apply twice a day until infection clears. To promote and maintain your cat/s coat, use a wet chami and wipe your cat/s coat vigorously backwards and forwards. This also maintains your cat/s sheen.



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